One of the most important factors for many UK players is the speed of their online casino deposits and withdrawals. However, you should not underestimate the level of protection of your casino balance . Unlike your banking account, casino deposits are not government-backed.

UK online casino sites hold responsibility for keeping your money safe. According to the regulations of the UKGC, there are three levels of protection, which must be clearly stated in the terms and conditions of the platform where you wish to register.

You should keep in mind that those levels of protection do not refer to the security of the transactions, which are guaranteed by the payment method you are using; rather, those are procedures that safeguard your casino deposit. Here are all the relevant details for the latest UKGC standards:

Not Protected – No extra protection. Money in these accounts would still be seen as part of the business if it went bust.
Medium Protection – There are arrangements (i.e. insurance) to make sure that the money in separate accounts is given to customers if the company goes bust.
High Protection – Customers’ money is held in an account which is legally and in practice separate from the rest of the company. This account is controlled by an independent person or external auditor.
In most cases, playing at reputable online casinos is guarantee enough, as those are businesses that are here to stay. However, some research is still needed if you want to be completely sure. Most of the top online casinos that we recommend offer higher levels of money protection and hold your deposits separate from their own balances.